Becky Fein is an avid advocate, passionate public speaker and trainer, and Founding Director of the Powerful Voices Project, a documentary film series that explores recovery and resilience after experiencing sexual assault. Becky has spent the last decade speaking to audiences around the country and working to create innovative programs that promote mental health and peer empowerment among young adults. Her work has been featured in many news outlets, including national coverage with NBC News and NowThis.

Becky's speaking style is engaging and deeply personal, with a specific focus on sexual assault, mental health, bystander intervention, the power of storytelling in service to community-building and healing, and survivor empowerment. She believes fervently in the power of story-sharing in service to her own and others’ healing. To that end, Becky also works with aspiring speakers to support them in honing their own messages.

"After hearing Becky’s personal story and the effect it had on the trajectory of her life, I can say that being witness to her presentation will be an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I feel very grateful to have been exposed to such an honest and helpful presentation about a subject that is often unspoken." -Student, Santa Rosa Junior College, April 2018