Individual Coaching

Becky offers individual coaching opportunities for aspiring speakers to find their own voice and hone their message to be direct, succinct, and powerful. These sessions will be fine tuned to meet your individual goals as a speaker. We will work together to shape your speech into a hard-hitting, memorable presentation by exploring:

  • Your key takeaways - what do you want your audience to takeaway from your talk?

  • A balance of information, perspective, personal narrative, and calls to action

  • Your own personal journey as a speaker

Contact Becky to discuss your speaking goals.

"Becky has been one of the most important pieces in my speaking career. I've had the privilege to have Becky as my speaker coach and she has helped me grow in many ways. Becky has a knack for identifying what the core areas of improvement are in a speaker, and develops specific strategies to help. She is honest in her suggestions, yet always respectful. She is encouraging with her words and has been great at holding me accountable in setting goals. It's not only evident that Becky enjoys this area of work, but also that she has a natural talent for it. I'm fortunate to have Becky as my speaking coach. Working with Becky has improved my confidence, stage presence, knowledge of my topic, and ability to effectively communicate. She has prepared me in being able to deliver the best quality service to the audience during a speech, and has given me the tools to be able to take on more opportunities. I'll always be appreciative for Becky and her great work as a speaking coach!" Greg Vogt, professional speaker and author